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Sunday, 12 May 2013 15:17

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HellenicAmerican Securities & Asset Management S.A. (‘the Company’) is a Greek MIFID fully licensed brokerage & asset management firm regulated by the H.C.M.C. (Hellenic Capital Market Commission).

The Company was established in Athens-Greece in 1990, with an initial share capital of €0.2 million and managed to grow its net assets by 2000 to more than €14 million, mainly by exploiting the opportunities in the Greek stock and futures market. HellenicAmerican is considered one of the most reputable stock exchange brokerage firms in Greece.

Due to the significant down-sizing of the Greek stock and futures market especially within the last five years, the Company in 2012 decided to pursue a restructuring and change in its strategy. The Company’s capital was reduced to €2.25 million through a series of share capital returns to its shareholders and the Company’s majority shares were purchased by its co-founder and Chairman Mr.Lampros Skiadopoulos. HellenicAmerican Securities SA Management Board decided to pursue a restructuring of its operations and a shift in the Company’s strategy towards new products within the global financial markets, also by hiring Mr Petros Iakovou as a new CEO. Key management and personnel has been retained as well as new expertise has been hired.

HellenicAmerican aims to become a Well Known Prime Broker Dealer serving Global customers via Athens (European License) in all available to us markets, as well as to expand its asset-management role and offer its customers profitable investment solutions (a family of on-shore mutual funds).

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