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X net

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According to European Union’s initiatives to simplify cross-border transactions, HELEX Group designed

and developed the XNET Network, offering to the Greek investment community, the ability of trading in

foreign markets through the domestic stock market network.

The main objective of the XNET Network is to enhance the services offered by ATHEX Members to their

clients, providing them with tools to obtain direct information on foreign markets and in particular the

ability of easy and cost-competitive execution and settlement of their transactions.

Activating a user to XNET Network is voluntary and requires the conclusion of additional contracts

with HELEX Group and selected correspondents (XOrder Agents) in order to execute through them

transactions in securities of the supported markets. In particular, orders for purchasing foreign securities

are transmitted to XOrder Agents, who undertake to perform them in a similar way as for Greek shares

through the information infrastructure of HELEX.


Foreign Markets

We provide electronic and by-phone access to stocks, options, futures, FOREX, bonds, CFDs and funds

on over 100 market destinations in 20 countries. Fast and trustable Order execution is achieved easily

via internet and telephone means.

For these automated and quality-high services we offer really competitive prices without any discount to

the quality of our services. All these services are offered by a team of experienced and special analysts

who can help you with their trustable and on-time reports.

These transactions are taking place via Citygroup. In fact, that lowers their risk. Moreover, client’s

positions in stocks derivatives, bonds, and cash are guaranteed by SIPC up to 500,000$. For amounts

up to 990000$ There one more guarantees which is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

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